U.P.V.C Features

The most important features of UPVC


Help to save energy

UPVC window and door systems are distinguished by their ability to insulate the heat, as they reflect the heat coming from outside in the summer and prevent heat from leaking from inside the house to the outside in the winter. Therefore, it increases the efficiency of cooling and heating, saves you from running the air conditioning or heater for long periods, and saves you from exorbitant electricity bills

Durability and no need for regular maintenance

UPVC window and door systems are resistant to high humidity and various weather factors. So it does not rust or rot. It is also resistant to bumps, scratches and abrasion. All these features make it not need regular maintenance. They are more durable and longer lasting than wood and aluminum, saving you more money to maintain and care for.

Ease and speed of installation

UPVC window and door systems are easy to install when compared to wood or aluminum. It takes just a few minutes to install.

Prevent dust and noise leakage

One of the most important advantages of UPVC window and door systems is to protect you from air and noise pollution. It greatly prevents dust from entering the house. It is also sealed, preventing water from leaking into the house also in the event of heavy rain.
UPVC window and door systems also provide you with a sense of calm inside your home. Whatever noise is outside the house, it prevents its penetration into the house. Where it has the ability to insulate sound as well as insulate heat.

Ease of cleaning

UPVC window and door systems are easy to clean, saving you a lot of effort and time. It is also unaffected by daily detergents, you can simply clean and polish it with a towel and a light polisher

Diversity of shapes and sizes

UPVC window and door systems provide sections in different shapes. So you can specify the specifications you need in terms of the frame colors or the colors of the used glass and its type, whether double or single, reflective or opaque. You can also choose the appropriate opening system for you, whether it is a tractor or articulated and other opening systems.

Long years warranty

UPVC window and door systems have a warranty of up to ten years.

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